Overseas Performance

About Overseas performance

  • For Invitational Performances
    We will ask your request such as the contents, theater, scale, and make a specific proposal. We will also discuss whether the performance should be a classic or a new work. We also respond to requests for collaboration with artists (performers, dancers, visual artists, artists, etc.) from the host country.
  • For participation in a theater festival or festival
    Based on the conditions of participation in festivals, we may present the details of the performance and the program, and take the form of an application, or we may discuss the work in response to the request of the organizer or the theater.

※There are few things that are impossible just because it’s performing overseas.

The best part of overseas performances is that we will be performing in a culture that is different from your own. Even with detailed discussions in advance, unexpected and unimaginable things may happen, but one of the most thrilling aspects is the collaborative work with the organizer and local staff to bring the show to a successful conclusion.


2006 Culture Agency Art Festival Participation. "Three"

“Three” is where three perspectives and three points of view intersect. At the Monaco Dance Forum

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