Nihon-buyou Class

Nihon-buyou class 

In this class, you can learn Kabuki Buyou as well as Suodori (dancing without a costume or hairpiece), dance in the tatami room, a fighting scene, and a theatrical performance. 

Kimono dressing is also taught from the rudiments. Unlike kimono dressing classes, we teach you how to put on a kimono so that it will not fall down even if you move. After all, by practicing Japanese dance, you will acquire gestures and become more beautiful in kimono.

People of all ages, from children to the elderly, are practicing, and many men also attend.

Our class is known for our interesting training and careful instruction aimed at helping students become more proficient in a short period of time.

Knowing the history and meaning of the dance will make it even more fun. Physical expression can also be said to be an expression of the mind.

 Also, after 3 years or more of being a student, you can take the Natori exam. If you pass it, you will be given a name like “Bando XX” as a natori, and you will be able to participate in various events of the Bando Kai.

In addition, we provide opportunities for those apprentices who wish to perform on stage.
Many students who had no experience in traditional Japanese dance have passed the Natori examination, participated in Bando Kai events, and played a role in passing on traditional culture through their stage experience.
Depending on the individual’s desire and ability, there are many opportunities not only to perform on the domestic stage, but also to participate in overseas performances. Let us work together to pass on Japanese traditions to the world through Nihon buyo.

*We are also instructors for theatrical companies and production companies, helping dancers and actors to improve their abilities.
*You can learn, matched to your goals such as how to wear a kimono, how to behave, how to handle a fan, etc.


Mukojima Class room

5-minute walk from Hikifune station (Hanzomon Line or Asakusa Line)